Golestan Palace

marcin kwiecieńblue is not my heaven, 2012

life’s too short to worry about no homo

me, about to get mauled to death by a wolf: puppy! who's a handsome puppy
"When someone tells you, “I love you,” and then you feel, “Oh, I must be worthy after all,” that’s an illusion. That’s not true. Or someone says, “I hate you,” and you think, “Oh, God, I knew it; I’m not very worthy,” that’s not true either. Neither one of these thoughts hold any intrinsic reality. They are an overlay. When someone says, “I love you,” he is telling you about himself, not you. When someone says, “I hate you,” she is telling you about herself, not you. World views are self views—literally."
-Adyashanti  (via meou)


When I have kids, I hope I’m never too stubborn to listen to them and admit when I messed up instead of them. I wouldn’t want to make them feel bad about things they didn’t do.